Why we love living in Alanya so much

Alanya is home to tens of thousands of foreigners of various nationalities. They all chose to live here, permanently or for at least several months a year. And no, it’s not just the mild, sunny climate that attracts so many people from outside. Alanya has something that makes you want to come back. Or even stay. Here we give 7 reasons why else we love living in Alanya so much.
Nature you never get tired of

Alanya lies on a favorable location. It is bordered in the north by the Toros mountain range and in the south by the Mediterranean Sea. Therefore, the nature in this part of Turkey is spectacular and always surprising. The famous beaches and turquoise colored sea are just a small part of this. There are also the impressive mountains that change their appearance with every season and the many picturesque little villages. It means that there are endless opportunities for discovering, hiking, off road touring and cycling.

A region steeped in culture

Turkey is a country steeped in human history and culture. It shows from the many ancient sites and important excavations that are found literally everywhere from North to South and from East to West. So, also the Turkish Riviera is blessed with many historical sights. You only have to look at Alanya’s Castle to know what we mean. Furthermore, Turkey has a rich heritage when it comes to art, ceramics and music.

Mediterranean kitchen

For Turks, the subject food is a very important part of everyday life. Turkey consists of many different regions and every one of them has its own kitchen with its own specific foods. As Alanya is situated in the Mediterranean, you find here fruit and vegetables in abundance and also fresh fish is easy to find.

Entertainment opportunities galore

Luxurious restaurants, comfy bistro’s, typical Turkish lokanta’s, cafés with live music, cafés near the sea, open-air disco’s that keep going till the sun rises in the morning…..You all find it in Alanya. No matter what age you are, you will find plenty of entertainment possibilities here. 

Everything you need

In the past couple of years Alanya has rapidly developed to become a modern city with a high living standard. There a many good schools, universities, various hospitals, private health clinics and an efficient public transport system. All you need to live comfortable, alone or with your family.

‘Open’ all year round

Alanya is attractive all year round. Where other coastal towns become ghost cities once the summer season is over, Alanya is still lively during the wintertime. Foreigners who decided to live in Alanya often even prefer this time of the year. The atmosphere is less hectic than in summer and people have more time to spend with each other. Shops and restaurants are open and there are great possibilities for outdoor activities. Because the temperatures are also very pleasant during the winter months, this is a perfect time for hiking, cycling, pick nicks, car touring and extensive brunches in the pleasant winter sun.

Perfect base

In Turkey, it doesn’t matter if you go to the north, south, east or west. In every corner of this beautiful country you can find wonderful nature, interesting cities, excavations, delicious food, friendly people and world famous sights. Just search a little in google and you will still only see a glimpse of the diversity of this country. And Alanya is the perfect base from which to discover all of this. There is an excellent public transport system with touring busses that can bring to you almost anywhere in Turkey. And don’t forget: the Airport of Gazipaşa is just a half hour drive from Alanya center, the airport of Antalya one and a half hour.

So, there you have it. The main reasons why we like Alanya and enjoy living here. We couldn’t describe maybe the most important one: the atmosphere. It’s not easy to catch in words what makes Alanya so unforgettable. The Mediterranean vibe, of course. But it’s more. You just have to come and experience it yourself!

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