Turning Dreams Into Reality – Using a Professional Realtor To Purchase Your Property In Turkey

Are you considering buying property in Alanya? Maybe you want it for a holiday home or more extended stays. Maybe you are thinking of relocating to enjoy the sunnier climate and laid back pace of life, or you might be considering somewhere for your retirement. Whatever the reason, make sure your purchase in the Alanya region goes without any hitches. How? Read on for some insider tips.

When buying property in a sunny place like Alanya, It is all too easy to get caught up in the excitement of the decision and the wide selection of choices. You may not recognize areas that require a little more of your attention. As with any serious purchase you need to ask yourself some questions that relate to the lifestyle you are looking for, about the area, the properties available plus:

  • Cost vs market value
  • Rules and regulations
  • Fulfilling your requirements

Cost vs Market Value

It will not surprise you to read that ‘people’ selling property want as much as they can get for it. The price might sound reasonable to someone used to the higher cost of purchasing in other countries, but it might be hugely overpriced for the market where you are purchasing. Whatever your reason for buying property, it is always an investment. To be a solid investment, it has to be obtained within a reasonable price framework that both you and the seller are happy with.
Your realtor knows the current market conditions and will inform you of such. They can also help negotiate with the seller on your behalf to establish a more realistic price.

Rules & Regulations

Foreign nationals are allowed to purchase in Turkey under the reciprocity principle, where if your country allows Turkish to buy property there, then you can get in Turkey. The rules regarding real estate are not overly complicated, but you do need to be aware of them. Ok, most information can easy be found on the internet. However, the rules are continually changing and you do not always get to hear about them until you come up against them. Your realtor has to keep up to date, it’s their job, and they know where to find out information and years of experience of doing just that.

Fulfilling Your Requirements

This can cover a host of things, from being near shops and entertainment to being a far a possible away from them. Sometimes it takes the guidance of a trained professional to help you clarify your dream property into a reality. A realtor will spend time with you to get a perspective on what you are looking for. All the better to help you achieve your goal.
Want a pool? Do you know the added costs? Want to be in the middle of no-where? Do you have transport?
Using a trained realtor, you gain some considerable advantages over doing it by yourself or using a friendly local!

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