Turkey´s amazing orange oranges

Production of oranges is an old profession in Turkey and the harvest of oranges in Alanya happens one time in the year.

The oranges are picked in the beginning of October and preferably before the first frost appears.

Washington oranges

Washington oranges are the most common in Turkey. They are especially popular because they are very juicy and almost without seeds. The trees grow to be between 4,5 and 6 meters high. The young trees produce around 150 to 200 kilo oranges and the old trees produce 300 to 500 kilo oranges. All oranges are picked by hand or scissors.

After the picking of the oranges, they are divided into 4 different categories depending on size. 1 is the category for the smallest oranges while category number 4 are the biggest. Category 4 is also called the
luxury category.

After the oranges are picked, they are washed and put into boxes depending on size. The prices for oranges are publicly traded and the daily financials are like this: 0,03 € for the picking, 0,01€ for the salary, 0,01€ for the cleaning and 0,01€ for the box. That leaves a total price of 0,07€ per kilo in production.

Oranges grow in humid places and often near the mountains like in the Alanya area. They must be picked before the frost sets in in the winter. When an orange get frost the peel becomes ugly and looks like cellulite. Frostbitten oranges, low hanging oranges or oranges that dropped to the ground are sent to the juice factories. Approximately 10% of the oranges are being used for juice.

In Alanya you can buy oranges in the bazar or at the local greengrocer. In Turkish the greengrocer is called manav.


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