Skiing in Davraz: Off to the slopes we go!

During the winter months, a thick layer of snow covers the Taurus Mountains. One of the peaks that get thickly covered is Davraz in the town of Isparta. Here, after a drive of about three hours from Alanya, you’ll find a well-equipped winter sports centre for skiing, snowboarding and sledging.

As we approached the city of Isparta, coming from the Antalya direction, we could see the snow-covered peak of Mount Davraz. While there are several accommodations near the ski resort, we choose to check into a hotel in Isparta centre. The next morning we had a short drive to the slopes. It was March when we visited, just as the ski-season was entering its lasts weeks. When we arrived, we could see that the lowest ski slopes were no longer covered with snow. But when we took the first chairlift – a ride of 1211 metres, up to an altitude of almost 2000m, a beautiful white blanket opened up in front of us.

Ski Lessons

A short walk through the thick snow brought us to a hut-like restaurant. Besides a snack and something to drink, you could also rent skis, snowboards and sledges there. Plus, it’s the place where you can hire an instructor. Our party consisted of some experienced snowboarders who soon took off to the higher and more difficult slopes. We stayed behind and enjoyed the sun, sledging and some ski-lessons. The children who had never been skiing before picked up the technique very quickly. After a couple of hours with an instructor, they were gliding down from the small hill in front of the restaurant.

Meanwhile, for the rest of us non-skiers, the view was breathtaking.

More popular each year

Although it was quiet when we visited, the Davraz ski centre is attracting more and more visitors each year. Not surprising when you see the available luxury accommodation, modern ski-lifts and 12 ski slopes of various lengths. There are 2 blue slopes (beginners), 2 black slopes (advanced) and 8 red slopes (intermediate). A total of 6 ski lifts bring you to where you want to go. (But remember to buy the correct ski-pas at the bottom entrance  if you’re going to use different lifts!)

Another important reason for the growing popularity of the resort is the location. Davraz is close to the ‘habited world’: 140km from Antalya centre, 26km from Isparta centre and 23km from Eğirdir centre. A short ski-trip is very easy to arrange.

Winter fun

The ski season in Davraz starts early December and lasts until April. The ideal time for skiing is from early January to late March because then the snow is at its thickest. Also for those of you who cannot ski, Davraz has lots of winter fun to experience. You can go sledging, walking, the restaurant is open all season, and for those who do want to try and ride the slopes, skiing instructors are available, and skiing equipment is for rent.

So, no excuses.  Off to the snow you go!

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