Şeker Bayramınız Kutlu Olsun! Happy Sugar Feast

Fasting for thirty days is an accomplishment. So everybody can understand that when these days are over, it’s time for celebration. As soon as the Ramazan is finished, the so-called Sugar Feast starts.

The appearance of the new moon in the sky marks the end of fasting and the start of the Sugar Feast, the celebrations at the end of Ramazan. This sugar fest, one of the largest celebrations in the Islamic faith, will start this year (2019) on the evening of June 3rd and lasts till June 6th.  In the Turkish language this particular fest is called şeker (sugar) bayramι (fest) and in Arabic it’s called Id-al-Fitr which means banquet.

On the first day of şeker bayramι Muslims visit the mosque in the morning to pray the feast-prayer. After that it’s time to visit the family. As usual the ones who are younger visit the elder ones. According to this system the children visit the parents, the brothers visit the sisters or vice versa, cousins visit their uncles and aunts and friends visit each other. You may know this gesture: children kiss the hand of their parents or older family members and bring it to their forehead.

Şeker bayramι is a feast of – and the name says it all – good food and lots of sweetness. Eating sweet is talking sweet is the motto these days. Quarrels are being solved and arguments are being cleared.

If you live here, it’s a good idea to buy some extra candies. With şeker bayramι the children will knock your door expecting sweets.



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