Sapadere Kanyon: Walking through the hidden Valley

At 41 km from Alanya, hidden in the vegetation of the Taurus Mountains, you’ll find the little village of Sapadere. Within the boundaries of this hamlet lies a beautiful valley. A bright blue river runs through it. Untill a decade ago, only so-called insiders knew about the existence of this natural treasure. Now, it is one of the most beautiful and popular attractions of the region.

The village of Sapadere used to be a small, unknown hamlet whose inhabitants livelihood were agriculture and stock-breeding. Until the governor of Alanya that time, Hulusi Doğan, decided in 2008 to put Sapadere on the map. His plan was to make the stunning valley, that was hidden between the massive mountains, accessible to a larger audience.

Wooden bridge

The result is a 530 metre long walkway through the valley which was opened mid 2008. The wooden bridge offers a magnificent walk through the rocks with all shades of green around you. You stroll along and above the river and in the summer it’s possible to descend so that you can dive in the refreshing, flowing water.

Local attractions

Near the canyon, in the village itself, the locals have more attractions for their visitors. There is a restaurant offering typically Turkish dishes, women demonstrate rug knotting and the specialty of the village is silk weaving. In Sapadere silk worms are being farmed for silk production.

Useful Information |

Route | Coming from Alanya going east: After approximately 30 km turn left into the village of Demirtaş and keep following the road. Follow the signs for Sapadere Köy and Kanyon.

Entrance | Approximately 10 TL

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