Meet 25 Metre Street, Your Every Day Street in Alanya

Welcome to 25 Metre Street; or yirmibeş metre yolu. It is one of the busiest and liveliest streets in the centre of Alanya. This is the street were traffic never stops and where lokantas are always full during lunch break. The street where you can buy fashionable phone cases, where you start looking for bargains at the 1001 things shop, where you will find accessories for your home, your hair, your car and outfit. The street where you can buy luxury gifts, knickknacks and useless-but-cool gadgets. The street where you’ll find shops that specialised in Turkish delicacies, shoes and hobby materials. Overall, one of the most versatile parts of Alanya! 

To first gather some basic information about 25 Metre Street, we start with talking to Mr. Haşim Yetkin. Haşim bey is a historian and gifted photographer. In recent decades, he has taken thousands of photographs of Alanya and has captured the history of the city. In addition, Mr. Haşim wrote four books about Alanya’s history, customs, local cuisine and culture. His fifth book – published recently- is a thick photo album about Alanya’s past and present.

Why this street is called 25m Street?

Haşim Yetkin points out that officially speaking the 25 Metre Street runs from the intersection at Başkent Hospital up to the Çevre Yolu; the intersection at Devlet Hastanesi (State Hospital).

The origin of the name is obvious: The 25 Metre Street is 25 metres wide everywhere!

Not so messy as it looks at first sight

At first sight the 25 Metre Street seems a bit of a confusing, messy and hasty street with too much traffic rushes through it. But if you take the time to experience the real Alanya life here and discover the many useful shops, you will absolutely love it.

The ‘Every Day’ Street

The shop owners themselves also clearly distinguish their street from the parallel streets of Atatürk Boulevard and Ahmet Tokuş Boulevard, both of which are closer to the sea. They call the Atatürk Street and surroundings ‘the tourist part of the centre’. This is the part where people go for pleasure walks, shopping and settle down for coffee at one of the many outdoor cafes. 25 Metre Street is the ‘everyday’ street. Here you will find products that everyone –tourist or not- will need at least once. It is a bustling road with lots of traffic, hectic intersections and people all around doing their everyday things.

Pick a Day to Explore 25 Metre Street

On 25 Metre Street you will find hundreds of shops on both sides of the road. Not only on the ground floor but also on the first, second and even the higher storeys of the buildings. There are numerous banks, Telephone company offices and dozens of shops for telephone accessories. There are many baby and children’s clothing stores, shoe shops, little pharmacies, electronics stores, drugstores, carpet and curtain dealers, stores specialising in home decoration and lokantas (Turkish restaurants). Our advice: Pick a day and take a few hours to walk down the whole of 25 Metre Street. I bet you’ll come home with fun and useful purchases and gain a lot of inspiration.


This article is published in Hello Alanya Magazine August 2014 and updated on 2 March 2017.

Important information: We do our best to keep our content updated, however, over time, changes can occur. Please let us know if you notice some information that need updating.






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