4 Good Places To Stay In North Cyprus

As one of the best Mediterranean getaways, North Cyprus (Turkish Cyprus) has become a steadily more interesting vacation destination over the years. With a combination of pretty beaches, great dining options, shopping areas, and a very deep history, it’s a fun area to explore. Whether you’re traveling from Turkey or anywhere else in the world. And as you might guess, some excellent places to stay have popped up there over the years as well. This isn’t a definitive list by any means. But we thought we’d point to a few nice places to stay in the area.
1. Acapulco Resort

This is a large resort in Girne, situated on an area of one hundred thousand square metres. It’s providing most everything you could want in a Mediterranean hotel. The main building itself is an attraction – particularly at night. Then the sea view rooms light up and reflect off the pool into the night sky. But the luxuries and attractions of the resort are top-notch as well. Rooms are as comfortable as at any venue on the island. The in-house spa is of course very inviting, and there’s even a small water park that many visitors enjoy. Round it all out with easy access to the beach and the beautiful blue waters of the Mediterranean and you’ve got everything you could ask for (and for a surprisingly reasonable price).

2.Rocks Hotel & Casino

Located right on the water in Girne, the Rocks Hotel & Casino is a beautiful seaside retreat. Furthermore, it’s essentially a full vacation unto itself, with its own private beach, on-site dining options, and spa. The biggest attraction, to some however, might be the casino. As noted by an Irish gaming platform with an eye on gambling activity throughout Europe, both physical and online gambling were definitively banned by the government in 2007 meaning there really aren’t mainland casino options. On Cyprus however this activity is more common, and the Rocks Hotel & Casino may be the best venue on the island for it. Poker, blackjack, roulette, slots, and sports betting are all in play at this resort.


3.Elexus Hotel & Resort Spa

Yet another Girne resort, Elexus mirrors the Acapulco Resort in several ways. It has somewhat similar grounds (right down to the water park), though the indoor facilities and the rooms themselves are a little bit more elegant. Among the resorts listed here, Elexus is perhaps best known for its on-site dining. There are actually five restaurants in the resort. They range from a giant buffet, to authentic Turkish cuisine, to fresh seafood from the surrounding waters.

4.Le Chateau Lambousa Hotel

Le Chateau Lambousa Hotel may just be the most unique one on this list. With a lot of open space and a design that makes it resemble one gigantic beach villa, it feels a little bit more casual. However,  without sacrificing any elegance or sophistication. With a large pool, on-site dining (including a lot of outdoor tables), private beaches, and its own spa, it has all the amenities visitors to North Cyprus might expect.


And incidentally, it’s not far from an actual chateau, which should be of interest to sightseers. The North Cyprus area is blessed with three castles to visit. St. Hilarion is just a short distance inland from the resort. Though really all

of the castles can be visited fairly easily from any of these resorts.

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