Dream big, dear ones, dream big

Hello again dear everyone. How have you been? I hope you are happy and healthy and looking forward to the new season. We all have our hopes and dreams about what we want the new season to be like. And whatever your dreams may look like, I hope they are big and colorful and crazy and nothing close to being realistic.  

I really believe in the power of our dreams. It’s true what  Walt Disney says that ‘All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them’. Dreams are vivid images that we can see in front of our inner eyes.

I truly believe that our dreams are messages coming from our future self, telling us what is possible for us in this life and showing us our potential. Every dream is unique, just as the person who is dreaming it. And if we don’t immediately close the door to those messages, but instead welcome them into our system and believe in them, magic can really happen.

Where the mind goes, energy flows

What happens then is that we start to align all of our thoughts and actions accordingly and begin to manifest our dreams in the here and now. Where the mind goes, energy flows. So be intentional and aware of where your mind is going. Choose your thoughts wisely because thoughts become things. You always manifest your thoughts, one way or the other, knowingly or unknowingly.

Never give up on your dreams

I am dreaming of becoming a successful life coach and motivational speaker, reaching as many people as possible to encourage them to live their greatest lives, whatever that may look like to them. Not to their families and friends, not to society or anyone else but to them. I want to remind people to never give up on their dreams and to pursue their goals with great joy and confidence.

Dreams shape reality

I know for a fact that if we are brave enough to step up and into our greatest power we become a shining light to others, encouraging them to do the same. We certainly wouldn’t tell each other anymore to ‘stop dreaming and get real’ because we would know that dreams shape reality and not the other way around. Imagine a world where we all shine, passing on the light like an Olympic torch, igniting each and every living soul one by one. Together we would shine so bright that we would become the brightest star in the galaxy. And until that happens I will never stop dreaming.


Katharina Lundgreen-Bayar lives in Alanya with her husband Bülent and son Ilyas. She’s a writer and for Hello Alanya she shares her thoughts and tells about what is keeping her busy in her daily life.


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