Dog’s Mon Cheri: Fashion for our four legged friends

Like three fully proficient top models, Cıtır, Badem and Pıtır pose for the camera. They own a wardrobe that most people would be jealous off. For the ladies a closet full of dresses in all colours and styles, for the gentleman a fine collection of fancy cardigans and cool pants. And we’re not talking confection style. The three Yorkshire Terriers wear haute couture!

The beautifully decorated villa belonging to Menekşe Yalcın in the Tepe district of Alanya is home to the brand ‘Dog’s Mon Cheri’, a clothing line for small dogs. Menekşe Yalcın invents, designs and assembles each piece of clothing herself and uses only high quality materials. “Mon Cheri represents haute couture for dogs,” says the creative businesswoman and owner of the three lively Yorkshire Terriers Cıtır, Badem and Pıtır.

Protection against the cold of the winter months

Three years ago she started designing and creating fashion for small dogs. “Small dogs like my Yorkshire Terriers, and Chihuahua’s as well, need something to protect them against the cold during the winter months. So when I experienced this for myself and went looking for clothes for my dogs, choice appeared to be limited. And the clothes that were available were of poor quality. So I thought, why not make it myself?”

‘Every piece is unique’

Her inspiration was endless and her dogs appeared in the most beautiful outfits, one after another. The response from her initiative was very encouraging and under the name of ‘Mon Cheri Menekşe’, she decided to create a fashion line for small quadrupeds. The number of orders grew steadily and now dog-lovers from all over Turkey buy her creations. “Each garment is handmade and unique”, says Menekşe. “I create pieces for all kinds of occasions. If you are attending a wedding and you want your dog to wear a pretty dress? No problem. Or if you want your dog to have a sporty look, I’ll make a cool sweater.”

Honey Almond and Crispy Peanut

About three years ago Menekşe Yalcın got her terriers Badem and Cıtır. Actually, they all have two names, which are especially funny in Turkish: Bal Badem means honey almond and Fıstık Cıtır roughly means Crispy Peanut. Last year, Pıtır Pıtı became part of the family. “Yorkshire terriers are very easy dogs to have as pets. They shed very little hair and because they are so small, I can bring them anywhere. And they love to be dresses up and pose.”

Wandering around the villa – designed by her husband and developer Mehmet Yalcın of Mozaik Construction – it immediately becomes clear that creativity is in Menekşe’s blood. Every corner of the house has her stamp on it. Colours, furniture, accessories… everything fits together perfectly. As we are followed around by the curious but o so endearing Cıtır and Pıtır, Menekşe tells us that she made most of the things in the house or had them made to her own design. Some of her pastel paintings decorate the walls. “When I finished decorating the villa, I started painting. But when I got the dogs Badem and Cıtır I started the fashion line. I must honestly say this is my absolutely passion. This is exactly what I want to do.”

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This article is published in Hello Alanya Magazine October 2014 and updated on 15 March 2017.

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