Life is all about Courage

Hello dear everyone. How have you been? Where has life taken you since we last met? I hope that you are well. I hope that you are in a good place in your life right now, despite all the challenges we face in our personal lives, in business, in this city, in this country, or even as citizens of the world.

Alanya is getting ready for a new season. And although tourism is slowly picking up a bit, we all find ourselves challenged with the given circumstances that affect so many businesses in this town.

So much is happening around us in the world today, that it is easy to feel a little overwhelmed sometimes. I know that change is crucial to growth. I also know that change is the only constant factor in our lives. It is inevitable as it is natural. And there is massive potential hidden within change. But going through it sure isn’t always easy. Anxiety and uncertainty are almost sure to rush to the event as fast as they can and take the stage. There is only one thing that we can call upon that will make us look good when we come out at the other side of it and that is courage.

You need courage for many situations life gets us into

Life is all about courage. It seems sometimes like courage is one of the biggest assignment we were given when we entered this world. And so Life finds a million ways to get us into situations where we find ourselves face to face with courage. You need courage to accept change, to speak up, to tell the truth, to heal from a heartbreak, to forgive others and yourself, to deal with your past, to take risks, to begin again, to face criticism, to make choices, to create something, to hold on tight to what truly matters to you, to let go of what is hurting you or no longer serves you, to walk away from something, to believe in yourself, to love unconditionally, to stand up for yourself, to ask for help, to reach out and help others, to defend those who are weaker than you, to step outside your comfort zone, to fight for what’s right, to welcome the unknown into your life.

You can tell there is a lot of courage in Alanya

I don’t know in what stage of life you are in right now, but if you feel stuck or you find yourself struggling, remember that the assignment is called Courage. Find that beautiful piece of courage inside of you and wear it proudly like an invisible uniform, like a football jersey that says: Team Courage, and go forward.

Like I said, there are so many businesses who are having a difficult time at the moment because tourism has declined in the previous months. But at the same time I see new places being opened, new concepts being introduced, there are construction sites, renovations, relocations and projects, initiatives everywhere I turn. You can tell by the way this town deals with a challenge that there is a lot of courage and a lot of believing going on in its streets. And a lot of gorgeous flowers being grown all over the city, because it is important to look good too while doing it. It is as if Alanya is all like ‘been there, done that, skip the drama and let’s rock on’. So let’s, then. It’s what we do best after all. Happy new season everyone, I wish you all the very best.


Katharina Lundgreen-Bayar lives in Alanya with her husband Bülent and son Ilyas. She’s a writer and for Hello Alanya she shares her thoughts and tells about what is keeping her busy in her daily life.

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