My business in Alanya: AL-Home Service

In this item of Hello Alanya we talk with foreign nationals about their business in Alanya. This time: AL-Home Service, established by Leif Lausten from Denmark.


When did you start this company and why?

“I have an apartment in Alanya, and it needed renovating. I arranged everything myself, from materials to workers. I learned a lot, and when completed, several friends asked me to help them with renovations and repairs on their houses in Alanya. That was a success and after that I decided to open a company focusing on home improvement. In 2014, I started AL Home Service and later the real estate company AL GoldStar. Both are 100% owned by me.”

What is your company doing?

“The focus of ALHS is with renovations, repairs and construction. New bathrooms, kitchens, tiling, painting you name it we can do it. We have our own staff, from electricians to painters. Because I am a Danish national, I believe I know what foreign homeowners expect when it comes to quality and honouring commitments. Besides all this ALHS, manages apartments and apartment complexes. Al Gold Homes is selling and renting out houses in Alanya.”

Do you have any tips for homeowners?

“Many homeowners don’t like the idea of giving the key to their apartment or villa to a caretaker for example. But they realise it is important somebody has a key in case something happens and they are not in Turkey. My company has a key service, which means we manage the key and guarantee nobody else has access to the house. Another thing that is imperative here in Alanya is airing the house. The changes in temperature are extensive, and Alanya has a lot of moisture. Airing a house at least once a month is a must to avoid moisture problems which can spoil your well deserved holiday. These two examples and more are all part of the service we offer.”

As a foreign national, how is it to have your own company in Alanya?

“I like the way Turkish people here work. They still take the time to talk with each other and drink tea. They may work more hours, but spend them in a more relaxed and social way. Of course, there are things that are more difficult in my opinion. Time, for example, has a different meaning in Alanya than in Europe. Don’t expect to finish your daily ‘to-do’ list; always somebody or something interrupts the planning. Here, you have to be more flexible and more patient. But if you can manage the differences, Alanya is a wonderful place to have your own business. If you are interested, we can also help you establish one!”

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