Aqua Sanita Spa & Hamam: Welcome to a World of Wellness

So, you’re on your well-deserved holiday. Time to unwind and relax. Why not start with a rejuvenating treatment in Aqua Sanita Spa & Hamam Alanya? Here, surrounded by soothing sounds and pleasant aromas, you can escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

We all know that the secret to looking and feeling good, is to take care of yourself. In Aqua Sanita you can choose from various treatments to pamper your body and refresh your mind.
A traditional Turkish Bath is one of the specialties of this facility. This Hamam treatment – including the famous foam massage – removes all the dead skin cells and makes your skin feel soft and glowing. Then leave yourself in the hands of the professional massage therapist for a Swedish, Thai, Deep Tissue, Bali or Hot Stone Massage.

Wellness for the Kids!

And did you know a Turkish Bath Treatment can be a very fun and memorable experience for the whole family?Maybe you have never thought about bringing your children to the wellness centre, but in Aqua Sanita Spa & Hamam it is very common. And they will love it!

Co-owner Sami Akdemir says that children from a small as 5 years old can come to the Hamam with their parents. “For children till eight years old it is free and we offer a special program. They will get the foam body wash which is lots of fun with all the bubbles, and after that they get a massage with chocolate!”

Children from 8 years and older can get the same treatment as their parents.


Besides the high quality of the treatments and the professionality of the staff, another strong point of Aqua Sanita is the focus on privacy. You feel like the whole Spa is yours when you have your Turkish Bath experience.

There are no other guests at the same time in the sauna, Hamam or massage room. Only you and the people you are with. Which highly contributes to the destressing part of the whole treatment.

We are sure that a visit to Aqua Sanita Spa & Hamam, will leave you refreshed and ready to
enjoy your vacation to the fullest.

Useful Information:

Visit the website or Facebook page of Aqua Sanita for more information, address and reservation options.

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