‘Attending a match of Alanyaspor is a unique experience. Want to come?’

Have you ever experienced a Turkish football match? It’s an unique experience according to Norwegian Katrine Jacobsen and Reidun Isebakke. ‘Even if you are not interested in football, you should at least one time join us to one of the matches of Alanyaspor. It’s one big, passionate happening.’

Katrine and Reidun are the initiatiors of the Alanyaspor International Supporters Group. Both women already visit the matches of Alanyaspor for some years now. Alanyaspor is Alanya’s local football club which was established in 1948. In 2014 they were promoted to Turkey’s highest league called Süperlig.

One day board members of the football club contacted Katrine and Reidun. Katrine: “They asked us if we could find out if it was possible to establish some sort of supporters club consisting of foreign residents in Alanya. Obviously we said we would try and started with our Norwegian community. As a result, in May of this year, we went to the match Alanyaspor against Galatasaray for the first time as Alanyaspor International Supporter Group with 30 – mostly Norwegian – people. It was great. But now we would also really like for other nationalities to join us.”


Reidun: “Alanyaspor needs support. Not only from the Turkish population of Alanya, but also from us foreign residents and tourists. They are now playing their second season in Turkey’s highest league, the Süperlig, and it is important to get more supporters in the stadium.”

Nothing compares

Both women have been to football matches in Norway. But nothing can compare with a football match in Turkey, they say. Katrine: “Even if you don’t like football, you will like a match in which a Turkish team takes part. The supporters are so full of passion and it’s wonderful to observe them cheering and scolding.”

Reidun: “A match of a Turkish team is fun, it’s loud and it’s just very different then a match in, for example, Norway. Turkish supporters give everything when watching the game. I think it’s also a very interesting way to experience Turkish culture.”

Do you want to attend a match of Alanyaspor?

If you would like to attend a match from Alanyaspor together with other foreigners in Alanya, you can send a PM to Alanya International Supporters Group on Facebook for more information. Katrine: “We arrange the tickets and the transport to the match. Before the match, we get together in The Telegraph Restaurant in Oba. There we eat and drink something before the bus arrives and takes us to the stadium. In the stadium we have places reserved and we all sit together.”

Important: If you want to attend a football match in Turkey, you need to obtain a so-called Passolig. This is an identity card with which you can buy your ticket. You can get a Passolig from the Alanyaspor shop in Alanya. Or you can go to The Telegraph Restaurant and ask for assistance.

More information:

Website: www.alanyaspor.org.tr

Facebook: Alanyaspor

Facebook pagina supporters club: Alanyaspor International Supporters Group Scandinavia


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