7 Things to Do after Reaching the Top of Alanya Teleferik

A ride in Alanya Teleferik is a must-do when visiting Alanya. Not only do you have a fabulous view over the city and the Mediterranean Sea when you are inside the cabin. The cable car also brings you directly to one of the most beautiful parts of Alanya!

A ride in Alanya Teleferik is a short but worthwhile adventure. You step into one of the gondolas at the foot of the peninsula, and within 5 minutes you swoosh up. While doing so, you have a glorious panorama spread all around you, encompassing the Toros mountains, the famous Kleopatra Beach and the Mediterranean coast up all the way up to at Konaklı.

But that’s not all.

For me, the best part of the Teleferik is that it puts you right into one of the most vivid and interesting parts of Alanya: the colorful peninsula where time seems to stand still. Here you will find historical ruins, stunning views and romantic walking paths.

So….stepping out from your gondola, you could decide to step into another gondola and go immediately down again.


Here are 6 Things you should definitely do after reaching the top station with the Teleferik:

Enjoy the View

After you step out of your gondola, follow the newly built, wooden walking path. It leads you upwards, passing perfect spots to take photos. That said, I believe that actually the whole Alanya peninsula is quite photogenic. First you will be impressed by a view from the east part of Alanya. The expanded city towards Mahmutlar and Kargıcak. And when you continue your road, you will reach places where you can see the west part of the city: Kleopatra beach and when the sky is clear: all the way to Konaklı and further.

Wander through the Ruins

In its history, Alanya has been a bastion for many Mediterranean based empires. The strategically located peninsula was the perfect place for them to settle. No wonder, this half-island is now dotted with ruins. The most famous are of course the remains of Alanya Castle, the landmark of the city. Once a Seldjuk Castle dating from the 13th century that dominated half of the island.

A part of the castle is a (paid) attraction in itself. You can reach the entrance by walking (or by taking a taxi) further upwards.

But practically everywhere you walk you can see historical remains. One of the popular parts, close to the exit of the Teleferik,  is the neighbourhood Bedesten. The name derives from the Bedesten, a covered market built during the Ottoman Times.

Stroll around at the Bedesten Bazaar

Completely renovated by the municipality, Bedesten now serves as a bazaar where local produce, handicrafts and other items are sold. It’s a good place to find gifts and keepsakes.

Visit the Süleymaniye Mosque

Another distinctive part of this area is the Süleymaniye Mosque that, according to the inscription on the wall, dates from 1231. After it was wrecked by lightning, the conqueror of Alanya, Sultan Alaaddin Keykubat restored it, using parts of the original building. The Mosque welcomes respectful visitors; just make sure to cover yourself appropriately and don’t forget to take off your shoes.

Buy some Souvenirs & Eat some Snacks

There are plenty of places dotted around the peninsula where you can buy souvenirs or have a drink. Do try to eat gözleme which is a delicious type of savoury pancake.

Visit the Traditional Handicrafts Centre

In the neighbourhood called Kalesi Hisariçi, you can find a perfect example of a traditional Anatolian House. This one was renovated by the municipality and is free accessible for public. It shows how families in Alanya were living in the old days and how their homes looked from the inside. Characteristic is the wood carving.

The traditional house functions as a Traditional Handicraft Center. As the name already indicates, you can find here examples of classic Alanya handiwork, like beautiful items make of silk. Definitely a must see.


While strolling this part of Alanya, you can quite happily wander off in any direction. You can use the paved paths for your adventure, but you can also walk off the beaten track in the spirit of exploration. The nature is beautiful, the old houses an attraction in itself. And when you are done, your gondola at the Alanya Teleferik is waiting to bring you down.

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