6 Tips to avoid sunburn

Getting a sunburn is one of the wurst ways to start or end a good holiday in Alanya.

We have therefore collected a guide with 6 tips for you, on how to avoid a sunburn on your holiday.

1# Stay in the shade between 12 and 16, where the sun is strongest and remember to drink plenty of water during the day so you dont start to feel bad.

2# Wear light and loose clothing to protect the skin from the sun and remember all kinds of clothes is better than nothing to protect you and your skin against the sun.

3# Be aware that some kind of medications may increase your risk of getting sunburn, because the medication contains substances that make the skin absorbs more of the sun’s rays. If in doubt you should ask your doctor for advice about which pills that require care when sunbathing.

4# Use good sunglasses and cover your head with a hat or a cap.

5# Use a good sunscreem and add more during the day and after swimming. Remember that children require more sun protection than adults, and a higher factor, eg factor 50.

6# Remember you can still be sun burned in the ocean and in the pool, although the water cools your body down, the sun can still burn your skin.

If you get badly sunburned

If you get badly sunburned, it is important that you contact a doctor for help and treatment. To visit a Doctor in Turkey requires you have travel insurance, or you have to pay for the treatment yourself.

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