6 Steps to (wisely) buy real estate in Alanya

Alanya is the perfect place for buying a home under the sun! This beautiful Mediterranean seaside resort has it all: stunning nature, long beaches, a friendly atmosphere, a high living standard….And let’s not forget the 300 days of sun per year! Thousands of people from all over the world already own a property Alanya. If you’re thinking to purchase a home here too, read this first.  
1. Contact A professional Real Estate Agent

When you’re planning to buy property in Alanya, it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement. The weather is so sunny, the people are so friendly and there are so many nice homes for sale….We know all about it. You’ll get so excited, you prefer buying today rather than tomorrow. But in doing so, you may not recognise areas that require a little more of your attention. For example: is the property free of loans? Is the seller the rightful owner? Is the property overpriced? How are you going to pay the money and when? What about communicating with a foreign seller who doesn’t know your language and vice versa?

Your real estate agent knows the market, the rules and they often have staff to communicate in many languages. Do yourself a favour and start your home-buying-journey with a professional.

2. Defining Your Wishes

Apartments, villas, penthouses, land to build your own home……

By the sea, in the mountains, close to the centre….

Resale, recently delivered or under construction……

In a luxury complex or in a single building…..

With facilities or without….

Maybe you have a clearly defined idea of the home you’re looking for. Maybe you’re still orienting yourself. Figuring out what your possibilities are.

Anyway it’s important to make a list of your wishes and requirements.  Is the location the most important factor for you? Or is the presence of many facilities like a pool, playground and sauna the deal maker? Maybe the only thing that matters to you is the right price?

To get you the best deal, your agent will help you define your wishes and criteria.

3. Find The Perfect Property

An experienced real estate company knows exactly what’s on the market at any given time. When the agent knows more about you and your preferences, it’s easy for him or her to collect the properties that fit your search criteria and budget.

If you’re not in Alanya, most agents will send you options by email or phone. Whenever you’re ready to come to Alanya, they arrange a tailor made viewing trip to inspect the properties of your liking.

4. Make an Offer

If you’re ready to purchase, your agent contacts the owner and makes an offer. When the offer is accepted, usually a written contract will be drafted. For the buyer this will primarily deal with the specifications of the property and the arrangements for the payment.

5. Receive Your Title Deed

In Turkey you become the official owner when your property has been registered in your name at the land registry in Alanya. After registration you will receive the so-called Tapu, the title deed. The Tapu is a summary from the land registry that shows you’re the owner of a particular property or plot.

A Tapu transfer from one owner to the other can be arranged from a few days up to a few weeks.

Before entering the Tapu procedure, your agent will give you all the necessary information regarding this. For example about which documents are requested.

6. Move Into Your New Home

Congratulations! You’re the new owner of a home under the Turkish sun! Relax and enjoy this wonderful feeling.

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