4 Places in Alanya where you can Escape from the Heat

Sun we have plenty in our beautiful Alanya. And during the summer months, it can be really quite hot during the daytime. So, sometimes it’s nice to just escape from the heat. Here are four of our favorite activities in Alanya where you can stay cool.
Sapadere Kanyon

At 41 km from Alanya lies, hidden in the vegetation of the Taurus Mountains, the little village of Sapadere. In Sapadere lies a wonderful valley through which runs a bright blue river. A 530 metre long walkway offers  a magnificent walk through the rocks with all shades of green around you. You walk along and above the river and in the summer it’s possible to descend so that you can dive in the refreshing, flowing water.

Route | Coming from Alanya going east: After approximately 30 km turn left into the village of Demirtaş and keep following the road. Follow the signs for Sapadere Köy and Kanyon.

Cooling off at the Dimçayı

Meet THE spot for cooling off and refreshment on a hot summer day: the Dimçayı, Dim River in English. The Dimçayı is known for complete relaxation. Away from the crowds, the heat and the worries. Just lying around with the sound of the streaming water in the background. This relaxing can be done at one of the many unique restaurants along the river. They’re lovely locations to sit, lie down, talk, sleep, laugh, swim and eat. Many of these restaurants have a special swimming part in the river, sometimes complete with slides and diving boards.

Beware! The water of the river is ice-cold, even in summer.

The Dimçayı can easily be reached by car and there are also busses going there. Entrance roads can be found in Kestel and Tosmur.


Indoor shopping. Always a nice way to spend a day out of the heat. In Alanya you find Alanyum, in Konaklı there is Mega Mall and a little further west, in Manavgat, Nova Mall is the shopping centre to go to. In all three of these malls you can shop till you drop – in the airco! – and there are plenty of possibilities to eat and drink something. Furthermore, all of the shopping centres have special play facilities for children. 

Cave Time

Another option to avoid the sun for a while, is visiting a cave. There are several caves in the Alanya region but two of them are very well-known, facilitated for tourists and easy to reach. The first is the Damlataş Cave in the centre of Alanya near the famous Cleopatra Beach. Don’t expect this cave to be cold and wet like common caves. This one is warm and humid. The temperature hovers around 23˚ Celsius and the humidity lies between 90 and 98 percent. Researchers established that the air in the Damlataş Cave contains 10 to 15 times more carbon dioxide than normal air. Together with the presence of naturally occurring radioactivity and ionisation, the cave seems to have special healing powers for people suffering from particular asthmatic conditions.

The other cave – which is cool and wet – is the Dim Cave. This cave lies at a high of 232 metres from the sea level and is at the western slope of the1691 metres high Cebel Reis mountain. The Dim Cave is 360 metres long and approximately has 10-15 metres width and height. The interior of the cave is covered by many kinds of dripstone (stalagtites and stalagmites) formations. The Dim Cave is reachable both from Kestel and Tosmur by asphalted roads.


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