11 places in Alanya where you have free WIFI

The municipality of Alanya has established 11 zones in Alanya where people can use free WIFI.

They are:

  1. The harbour area
  2. The 100 Year Atatürk Park in Damlataş
  3. The Cleopatra Beach in Damlataş
  4. The Culture Center
  5. The Emine Hacıkura Library
  6. The Atatürk Sports Hall
  7. The municipality building and other service buildings
  8. The municipal Wedding Hall
  9. The municipal service building in Mahmutlar
  10. The Gazipaşa Airport area
  11. The area of the main bus station.

How to connect:

When you are at one of the above mentioned places, open your internet connection centre and find ‘Alanya Belediyesi WIFI’. A page will open and you are asked to fill in your phone number. A message with a code will be send to you. Use it according to the instructions on the page where you also filled your phone number and your WIFI connection will open.

Source | Alanya Municipality



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