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Today this edition of Hello Alanya Magazine is available at various places all around Alanya. Articles being published in the printed version, are also readable here, on our website. You can easily search throughout the site for interesting subjects, or you can just download the complete magazine in PDF format.  

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Этот выпуск журнала Hello Alanya доступен сегодня в различных точках распространения по всей Аланье. Статьи, опубликованные в печатной версии журнала, также представлены для чтения на нашем сайте. Вы легко можете найти здесь любую интересующую вас информацию или просто скачать журнал целиком в формате PDF.  

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  • A funeral in Alanya for foreigners: August 2014
    A funeral in Alanya for foreigners: August 2014

    Text | Merian Kwakkelaar
    Photos | Hello Alanya Magazine
    Unfortunately, most people have to deal with bereavement at some stage in their lives. In most cases, this traumatic event happens in their own country and the funeral is arranged there within their own people and customs, but what if someone dies abroad?

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Alanya Beer!... Red Tower Restaurant and Brewery: August 2014
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On your bike!.... Noeleen Lynam: August 2014
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Hinkali House: August 2014
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Turkish Airline flights from Gazipaşa: August 2014
The first ever scheduled Turkish Airlines flight arrived at Alanya Gazipaşa airport at approximately 11:20am on July 25... See More
Capturing the setting sun “Everybody’s a supermodel”: August 2014
Molla: By Demir Photography It’s not that simple - capturing the setting sun in your hands, a romantic kiss, smiling ... See More
Scammed through a Proxy, Selma Oren: August 2014
In my practice I see many cases of swindle which take many different forms. People can easily be misled during the proce... See More
Breakfast by the sea, YENGEÇ BALIK EVI: August 2014
The sound of the waves just captures your heart as you walk onto the elevated terrace which hangs over the beach front. ... See More
Breakfast by the sea, ŞIŞMANIN YERİ RESTAURANT: August 2014
As we travelled along the rugged coastline of Gazipaşa we found a delightful treasure cove and perched at the edge was ... See More

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